“It’s not quite the stage at Headliners, but it’ll sound a lot like it!”

This is the kind of experience local entrepreneur, Zack Pennington, dreamed of having long after his first exposure to private room karaoke in Southeast Asia nearly 8 years ago. Zack’s love of performing in public karaoke rooms, contrasted with the experience his wife, Jacy, had while singing private room karaoke, inspired Zack to bring the private room karaoke experience found all over the world to Louisville.


“She normally hates karaoke, doesn’t want the attention because she’s reserved, but she loved singing in a private karaoke room with her friends. Anything that appeals to our opposite personalities inspires me as an opportunity.” said Zack. He kept telling his friends that someone should do this, and everybody agreed, but nobody wanted to take action. “Shit, I guess I’ll just have to do it.” Eventually two of those friends, Joe Miller and Louis Adamson, said, “We’re in.” And that’s how NoraeBar was born.

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